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Core Policy

What is a CORE, anyway?

Some products on our site have a CORE return policy attached to them.

So what is a CORE? Simply put, your "core" is just the part you are replacing. For example, if you purchase a High Pressure Oil Pump from us then your "core" would simply be the old pump you are replacing.

Our Core Return Agreement serves as an assurance on parts that we remanufacture. We ask that you agree to our core return policy in order to ensure that your core is returned to us. Unlike many other companies, we do not charge an upfront core fee. We trust our customers to return their cores within 30 days (If you cannot return your core within 30 days for any legitimate reason, please give us a call at 877.273.0021.)

NOTE:  Product warranty will not validate until core unit has been received. 

How Do I Make Sure I am Not Charged the Core Fee?

We take care of all the costs by emailing a prepaid return shipping label to you after your purchase. All you have to do is place your core in the box and attach the emailed return shipping label to the front of the box. Just mail-in your core within 30 days of your purchase and you are all done! You will never be charged a single penny extra! If you do not return your core within 30 days, you will be charged the full core fee.

Core Return Guidelines: 

All orders requiring a core return include a prepaid shipping label for hassle free core returns! All you have to do is place your core securely in the box and place your included label on the box and you are all set!

If you would like to process a return core, the following should be noted:

  • All fluids must be drained from the core.
  • The core must be securely wrapped in plastic and sealed.
  • Cores must be returned in the packaging in which your order was shipped.
  • We will only accept cores for the same model year and part#.


  • Bent or missing parts
  • Bent or broken core
  • Disassembled core
  • Missing parts
  • Damaged threads
  • Rust beyond a reasonable limit determined by our inspection department
  • Fire damage

Cores not meeting the above criteria will receive no core credit and will be scrapped.

All cores must be received within (30) days or your purchase or you will be charged the full core fee as noted in the product description. If you are approaching your deadline and need more time, please contact us directly at 877.273.0021. Late core returns are handled on a case by case basis.